Thursday, January 7, 2010

Azideriva Ltd Appoints Cameroon Agent

By Dr. William Ajua Tasong
CEO, Azideriva UK
Azideriva Ltd is please to anounce the appointment of Mr James Achanyi-Fontem as Azidriva agent and consultant. Under the direction and general supervision of the Chief Executive Officer, James Achanyi-Fontem is charged with supporting the CEO with supervision of staff, providing support to Azideriva Ltd Groups to integrate Azideriva issues into planning, develop implementation plans and report progress in enterprises in the Central Africa Region as a whole and Cameroon in particular. James Achanyi-Fontem will also support the CEO to coordinate activities, budget, activity implementation plans and assist in mobilizing resources for expansion through contacts and promotion strategies in Cameroon and the Central Africa region.
Azideriva is also in the process of hiring technical staff members who will be responsible for assisting clients with their application and implementation of Azideriva Software Solutions, and also to man the organisation’s support desk in Cameroon while attending to customers’ technical support issues.
Azideriva Ltd Cameroon contact telephone number is: +237 76 89 34 89