Sunday, July 29, 2012

Azi Development Organisation Joins COL Initiative in Yaoundé

By Ojong Helen Ayamba, Email: The Azi Development Organisation (Yaounde Branch) led by Fonge James Ngufor joined the band wagon for the promotion of mother and child care last July 24, 2012 when the organization endorsed the national action plan for the World Breastfeeding Week this year. The exchange workshop was chaired by the sub director for food and nutrition at the ministry of public health in the presence of COL Cameroon Link partnership liaison, James Achanyi-Fontem. Speaking during the exchange workshop for preparation of the launching of the World Breastfeeding Week in Cameroon by the Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda, Azi elites in Yaoundé announced plans to carry out activities in Menji during the celebrations in collaboration with Lebialem Community Radio. The world breastfeeding week will be launched at the health district of Biyem Assi – Yaounde on the 17th August and activities will continue up to 23rd August 2012. The theme is . The members will contribute to radio story design programming on infant and young child feeding with the mother and child health care and rights initiative launched on the station in October 2010. The Azi Development Organisation Branch in Yaoundé was set up on the 4th February 2011. The objective of the organization is search means of securing and guaranteeing opportunities for the promotion of the well being of its members and the development of common initiative activities for the socio-economic advancement of the local populations in Lebialem. The organisation inculcates a strong sense of responsibility, discipline, fraternity, unity and solidarity amongst its members and the people from Azi – Lebang in Lebialem. Members meet in Yaounde on the third Sunday of each month to share experiences and gifts. Azi Development Organisation, Yaounde Branch, promotes excellence amongst its members and youths from Lebialem Division in the south west region of Cameroon. World Breastfeeding Week this year commemorates the 20th anniversary of the World Breastfeeding Week and the called for implementation of the Ten Steps in all maternity facilities with the context of Global Strategy launched by WHO/UNICEF in 2002. For this reason, it would be strengthening communities in Lebialem to increase greater participation and responsibility in promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding and optimal young child feeding rights Its activities will focus on Information, education and sensitisation of communities through Lebialem Community Radio and the organisation of briefings with educative talks, coach mothers’ support groups on the importance of breastfeeding and encourage the communities to be more supportive of breastfeeding mothers and their families.. t is expected that by the end of the World Breastfeeding Week in Cameroon on the 23rd August, 2012: • More people would have been aware of the risks of not breastfeeding • More people would be aware of the benefits of breastfeeding • Unethical Marketing Practices will be better monitored • More people would bee involved in Code monitoring activities • More Mothers would be supported by Fathers Support groups • More radio programmes on breastfeeding promotion would have been realised by the community rural radio stations with jingles and spots carrying specific messages at particular periods. The exchange workshop was an opportunity for sharing past experiences and impact of community of learning activities. For more information, write to fonge James Ngufor – email: or the secretary, Achajeng – email:

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