Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cameroon Link Installs WOCOTOMADI in Cameroon

Cameroon Link had the priviledge to chair the installation cermony of the Cameroon agency of the International Humanitarian NGO, Coming Together To Make A Difference (WOCOTOMADI) recently in Yaounde, capital of Cameroon. Cameroon Link was identified as the premium humanitarian and not-for-profit NGO with the longest experience and impact working with underpriviledged communicties in Cameroon for over 20 years.During the installation ceremony, he made a call for good will countires and individual to extend a hand to the needy in Cameroon.
The speech delivered by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cameroon Link in his capacity as the President of the Board of Directors of WOCOTOMADI, is shared with you on this page. To start, he said in his own words that, "It is a singular pleasure for me to be here in Yaounde as the Chairman of WOCOTOMADI Cameroon, to preside over the installation of the national executive bureau of WOCOTOMADI. He added that it should not be a surprise to many and this gave him the opportunity to introduce his person and past activities. "I am James Achanyi-Fontem, who coordinates a number of non governmental organizations and civil society organizations like WOCOTOMADI in Cameroon, which has head quarters in Bedford. Massachusetts, United States of America. The head quarters of Cameroon is in Grand Hangar-Bonaberi in a neighbourhood of Douala City. I am the Executive Director of Cameroon Link Human Assistance Programme,that triples as National President of the Federation of Cameroon Breastfeeding Promotion Associations, FECABPA, Liaison person of the Commonwealth of Learning Cameroon Link partnership, Focal Point of National Coordinator of the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN Cameoon Group) and International Coordinator of the Men’s Initiative of the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, WABA.
From the above, you will understand that the activities of Cameroon Link are purely humanitarian and similar to those of WOCOTOMADI, which is a non-profit making and charitable organization registered in the USA only in July 2011 in Massachusetts, Unites States of America. According to the activity sheet already presented, WOCOTOMADI is assisting the most vulnerable populations of Cameroon to improve on their well being, living standard, attainment of education and perfect health. - WOCOTOMADI works for the prevention of poverty, hunger and diseases, - WOCOTOMADI promotes education for all - WOCOTOMADI promotes gender equality, better conditions of Women, old peresons. That is what Cameroon Link does and for several years, Ms. Julienne SIWE Ngongang, the founding president of WOCOTOMADI, has continued to devote most of her time thinking about the opportunity to show case her esteem for the marginalized. The primary mission of your organization is to help the vulnerable and fight against extreme poverty without moving away from the major concern of governments and international organizations to contribute to the education of all around the world , extension of the New Information and Communication Technology. Agriculture which is the cornerstone of the third world economy, is promoted as a means to fight against hunger through viable action plans and research developed with other international organizations like the UNDP, WHO, and the FAO.
From the above, it is clear that the World Coming Together to Make a Difference, resulted from much thought when it started to realize that sustainable development cannot be achieved without the fight against extreme global poverty, promotion of health for all, education of all, the promotion of the use of ICT at all levels to improve exchange of information internationally, and also to create an atmosphere of love, harmony and solidarity among peoples around the world. The World Coming Together to Make a Difference is already wll implanted in Haiti, Benin, Senegal, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Portugal and the United States of America. The installation of the national bureau will open the doors for collaboration with the groups in others countries. With the support of support of partners the Cameroon branch will be aiming at achieving activities that target the objectives of the UN Millennium Development Goals to: 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; 2. Achieve universal primary education for all; 3. Promote gender equality and empower women; 4. Reduce child mortality; 5. Improve maternal health; 6. Combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases; 7. Ensure environmental sustainability; 8. Development of global partnership for development With this, Iwould like to use the powers vested in me by the chairman to install the National Executive Bureau of WOCOTOMADI Cameroon. Those installed today, the 7th October 2012 are the following: National President : Louis Pierre WESE Vice President: Gweth Ngwend Mabo Secretary General: Nyobe Emma Odette Assistant Secretary: Rose Mary Ngassa National Treasurer: Ndengue Pierre Assistant Treasurer: Augustine Njioya Auditor: Ottou Melkissedek Plannification and Development head: Djeumo Dieudonne Health and Community Action head: Mrs. Tepou Zang Animation and social mobilization: Timothee ZOGO Accounting Logistics head: Etoa Maguerite Communication Coordinator: Francois Bikoro Public Relations: Elisabeth Noubia
This statement will be communicated to the international bureau of WOCOTOMADI in the USA for documentation and information of the network members in other countries. WOCOTOMADI, PO Box 5035 New Bedford, MA 02742 USA Tel:781-249-6061 Fax: 508-297-3614 Email: Long Live WOCOTOMADI, Long Live Cameroon After the installation of the the3 board of directors, the president was advised to start the admistrative procedure for authoritisation of existence since the Cameroon law oit is within the legal frame of national active organisations that there would be mutual and fruitful exchanges with other WOCOTOMADI branches around the world. For the expansion of the humanitarin work in Cameroon, make a donation and contact us to make a difference.Send your donation or contribution and email us at: or for it to be highlighted in the records and publications. Remember that,"For everything we give we receive a hundred fold".

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