Thursday, November 14, 2013

Welcome Address Of Prof. Angwafo During WBW 2013

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Speaking on behalf of the staff of the hospital, he expressed gratitude for the choice of venue for the launching of the World Breastfeeding Week 2013 in Cameroon. He said, the regular visits and events testify the importance of the health facility. The Under Secretary General of the United Nations in charge of innovative funding visited the hospital ahead of the WBW 2013. Pr. Angwafo Fru III announced the theme of the event falls in line with the preoccupation of their conviction. The doctors, midwives and nurses planned sensitization and educative talks on the importance of breastfeeding, the techniques of breastfeeding, good start of complimentary feeding, neurologic development of the infant and prevention of malnutrition.
He thanked all the intervening actors who federated their actions to make the event a success. Special thanks went to UNICEF, ministry of public health and civil society health organisations present at the ceremony. He described the Gyneco-Pediatric health facility as a Baby Friendly Hospital, where all babies are given equal attention. The focus on the hospital is on the prevention of the transmission of HIV from the mother to the child and he wished that the celebration should not be seen as a punctual occasion only. He gives an opportunity to demonstrate the fact that breastfeeding protects babies for illnesses and permits excellent growth, while assuring stability of affection. Emphasizing on exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, Pr. Angwafo said, breastmilk is the ideal food for the new born. He encouraged mothers to continue breastfeeding after six months up to 24 months and beyond, while introducing appropriate well balanced complimentary foods. He reiterated that it is a recommendation of the World health organization and Cameroon’s ministry of public health.
Breastfeeding, the director general concluded is the best start for the fight against malnutrition of infants, as he announced that all babies born in the hospital are breastfed.

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