Thursday, August 13, 2015

Experts of Nutrition Institute of Africa Visit Cameroon Link

By Helen Ayamba, camlinknews
Experts of Nutrition Institute of Africa held a working session with Cameroon Link o 1st June 2015. The leader of the institute’s delegation was Mrs. Armelle Bakoga. She was accompanied by a consultant of the institute based in Accra, Ghana who came tp Cameroon to collect information on how Cameroon Link operates and cooperate with partners. During the introduction of discussions, James Achanyi Fontem, the executive director of Cameroon Link explained how the civil society organisation operates. Mrs Armelle Bakoga was accompanied by Mr. ETIENNE kABORE, A COMPLIANCE CONSULTANT OF NUTRITION INSTITUTE of Africa in Accra, Ghana. Mr. Achanyi Fontem told the guests that apart from coordination of the infant and young child nutrition group in Cameroon made of some 6 civil society organisations in Cameroon, it collaborates with three key international networks: World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), International Baby Food Action Network ( IBFAN Africa), and Farm Radio International (FRI) Canada. It was explained that James Achanyi Fontem is the focal point and coordinator of WABA Men’s Working Group (MWG) and leads IBFAN Cameroon Farm Radio International activities. Js the liaison person of the Commonwealth of Leaning (COL) that capacitated staff in some twelve community radio stations in Cameroon. FECABPA, the Cameroon nutrition networking group meets every three months to evaluate the its field work and exchange information.The target audience reached by Cameroon Link are mothers fathers and youths considered to be leaders of tomorrow. Cameroon :ink carries out research, training and social mobilisation. It is assisted by some 46 community based organisations (cBO) implanted in the different regions of Cameroon.. Cameroon Link has had the opportunity of participation in several international conferences and having discussions with the technical adviser of the public health ministry in the presence of the retired IBFAN Africa coordinator, Mrs. Joyce Chanetsa in Mbabane, Swaziland. Mrs. Bakoga lauded the strategy and work of Cameroon Link. She said, her organisation is happy to have Cameroon Link as a partner. She explained that it could be necessary to highlight some of the problems facing Cameroon Link and FECABA, because it is only through identification of issues rhat solutions can be found. The work of Cameroon Link is based on meaningful dialogue with partners. UNICEF Cameroon and the nutrition institute of Africa, WABA and IBFAN Africa support the work of Cameroon Link in various ways. Top level authorities of the ministry of health and some international organisations play the role of advisors. These are mothers and fathers whose children were protected by breast milk. Apart from logistic problems and financial difficulties, Cameroon Link has advocated that the law on marketing infant formulae should have punitive articles included for making the regulatory tool stronger. So far, Nestle Cameroon conforms to the Cameroon government directive, but some companies importing products from the Asia region do not. They import infant formulae that do not meet the national requirements. Experts of Nutrition Institute of Africa report areas of violation to us for follow up.. We have advocated for means of displacement to reach target groups within our jurisdiction. organisation. Cameroon Link has organised a workshop on communication for development (C4D) involving some 12 community radio stations in on how to produce health programmes for their local audiences in local languages. COL supported a three –year initiative of Cameroon Link which was lauded by the Commonwealth of Learning Agency in Vancouver, Canada. Cameroon has over 250 local languages and the use of these languages for sharing information has been positive. The consultant from Accra, Ghana Nutrition Institute of Africa lauded the performance of Cameroon Link and wished that God should give it the needed energy to continue with the good work. The institute supplied some 4.000 flyers during the World Breastfeeding Week 2015, and ion. WABA sent to Cameroon some 400 folders and a large banner for social mobilisation of local communities. Cameroon Link shared highlights of 2015 World Breastfeeding Week strategy, which focused on local communities in six regions of Cameroom.ndt the frontier regions. Cameroon is surrounded by Gabon, Central Africa Republic, Nigeria Equatorial Guinea and Chad, which share common local languages and boundaries. Cameroon Link has attended all international and regional conferences on infant and younh child feeding since 2005 and it receives updates from WABA and IBFAN. Africa shared with members of Cameroon Link Group. For more information, visit the Cameroon Link you tube and online radio.Mr. ETIENNE kABORE, the COMPLIANCE CONSULTANT OF NUTRITION INSTITUTE of Africa in Accra, Ghana was apprendly happy with the work of Cameroon Link on the field..

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