Monday, December 28, 2015

Thecla Annaze Achanyi initiated as Ndi Nkem Annaze

By Emma Atangah Efeutlateh, camlinknews
The King Makers' dance with Betroh came out in the palace of Fotabonganchueh to initiate Thecla Annaze, the wife of James Achanyi-Fontem, CEO of Cameroon Link during the funeral celebration of Mafua Emenkeng Fotabonganchueh of Lebialem. Mafua Emenkeng Fotabonganchueh Johanna lived for 113 years before passing into transition and Thecla Annaze was picked from the royal family as successor. With the traditional initiation, she is now known as Ndi Nkem Annaze Achanyi. The traditional ceremony was attended by HRH Foretia of Letia and HRH Fobellah of Bellah under the coordination of HRH Fotabonganchueh. Several traditional dance groups graced the event before a reception with abundant food, meat and wines.
Nkongteyah women's praise dance performed at the Fotabonganchueh Palace in Lebang, Lebialem in honour of Ndi Nkem Annaze. The women showed their traditional dexterity as as a of gender equity promotion. The women lauded the fact that one of theirs was raised to a high traditional leadership position of successor to Mafua Emenkeng Fotabonganchueh who shot the gun during celebrations like men and praises to the almighty creator were pinned on her traditional title. The Alungajaba dance highlighted the tradition of veneration where dancers entered into the scene two by two. It was also an opportunity for initiating young princes and princesses on the Nweh tradition and rituals. During the performance of this dance, Ndi Nkem Annaze, the wife of Achanyi-Fontem was guided by HRH Foretia of Letia. Nkem Annaze Thecla belongs to the Letia dynasty, though married to James Achanyi-Fontem who is a prince of Lebang dynasty. During the traditional dance performance HRH Foretia and Ndi Nkem Annaze held traditional palm wine cups for pouring peaceful grace on the community where the initiation rites were conducted. Video have been brought to you by Cameroon Link for sharing with friends at the end of this story.
The videos were filmed during the initiation of Thecla Annaze Achanyi who later was given the title of Ndi Nkem Annaze at Fotabonganchueh's Palace. She is the successor of Mafua (Queen) Fotabonganchueh Johanna, who live on earth for 113 years before passing into transition in November 2015 at her residence in New Lay out Quarters Mamfe. Nkem Annaze is mother of seven children, four girls and three boys. For more information, click on the following links -, , ,

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