Friday, November 23, 2018

Community Investigators on Health Care Delivery Holds in Bonaberi

By James Achanyi Fontem, camlinknews

The Health District of Bonassama was the focus of a two-day workshop on the investigation of the level of quality health care within the different health areas of the district. The workshop took place on November 16 and 17, 2018 grouping some 72 participants chosen from 18 Local Community Associations. The training was facilitated by Nkeng Eric and Ngouh Emannuel from the Agency for Contractualisation and Verification (ACV) The agency is involved in financing based on performance. The participants were later sent to the different health areas to conduct a survey and meet patients selected who hasd received treatment in the health facilities who signed contracts with the Agency of Contractualisation and Verification (ACV°. The contracts signed were financing based on performance. The ministry of public health encourages proximity health at low cost and these facilities are paid motivation allowances every three months after a survey. The activity is coordinated by the Regional Fund for the Promotion of Health. During the investigation, the local associations verify the data produced by the health facilities through comparative analysis of the declarations made by the patients treated. The level of satisfaction of the health care delivered to the patient from the bebnficiary populations is compared with the policy for health care put in place by the Cameroon government. This aims at getting the community to appropriate the services received as a means of encouraging quality and quantitative health care for all. Addressing the issue of the project site and target groups, the facilitator Nkeng said the activity is conducted quarterly in 16 Health Districts of Littoral region, notably: Cite des Palmiers, Bangue, Edea, Loum, Njombe-Penja, Yabassi, Nylon, Deido, Nkongsamba, Mbanga, Manjo, Boko, Bonassama, Japom, Logbaba and New Bell.
The target group zre payients declared to have been received in health facilities in the above districts. During a period of three months. Following the community investigation by the Agency for Financing based on performance ‘ACV) The task of the investigator resides on visiting the homes of patients declared to have been trearted in the health facilities. The result is to find out whether the patient really exists and received treatment as declared by the health facilities. THE INVESTIGATION IS CARRIED OUT WITH A QUESTIONNAIRE INDICATING THE FACILITY visited, the period, the reason for the visit, health test test done in the facility and whether the staff was welcoming. The time spent in the health facility, the drugs available and the cost of health care are registered. For reasons of transparency the patient indicates who received payment for the care in the facility. The patient closes the questionnaire by expressing his opinion on areas that need to be improved. PARTICIPANTS WERE DURING THE TRAINING GUIDED ON THE TECHNIQUE CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS? TH QUALITIES OF A GOOD INVESTIGATOR? WHICH INCLUDE SOCIALIBILTY;

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